Pollination is a necessary process for plants to reproduce. This process is carried out, mainly, by the bees. When a bee collects the nectar and pollen from a plant blossom, the pollen from the stamen (the male reproductive organ of a flower) attaches itself and gets carried off by the hairs on the bee’s body and is thus transferred upon the pistil (the female reproductive organ of a flower). We see how nature conceived a perfect circle of life: by supplying bees with nourishment, offering them the nectar necessary to produce honey and also by enabling the genetic fabric of the reproductive flower parts to meet and ensure the “birth” of the future generation of plants and flowers. The importance of this process does not translate solely into the relationship between the bees and the flowers, pollination is also responsible, in a wide extent, for the regeneration of our planet’s food sources, one of these sources being honey, a delicious source of energy for mankind.



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