The hive

The hive is a closed structure built by man, which different species of bees can inhabit. From the outside, this simple-looking box offers no real insight as to the magic that takes place inside. The internal structure of the hive is made up of a dense network of hexagonal shaped, prismatic cells, made out of wax, called the honeycomb. A hive is a very close-knitted family unit that uses these hexagonal cells to store honey, pollen and protect their young. The inside of the hive is covered with propolis which is a mixture of plant resin, beeswax and saliva, and acts as an efficient agent against bacteria and fungi. This substance is used by bees to seal off cracks and helps maintain the health of the whole hive. The hives serve various purposes: honey production, pollination of nearby agricultural crops and colonizing certain species of bees used in apitherapy.



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