Polyfloral honey - sachet

Sachet 12 and 15g

HORECA honey in sachet packs is perfect for any location which cares about the service etiquette of its clients. With its elegant image and materials that match the quality of its content, the HORECA sachets are both useful and esthetic, turning the simple pleasures of having tea, coffee of even a lemonade into an excellent experience all around. The honey sachets packaging and content perfectly reflect the two coordinates that are the core of each BIO GETICA NATURALIS product: quality and passion. The excellent price offer is just another one of the added benefits that come with using this product in your establishment. In this regard, please contact us to find out more details regarding HORECA Honey Sachets.

BIO GETICA NATURALIS offers you the opportunity to customize our HORECA honey sachets with your business, venue or restaurant logo: an exclusive, stand-alone branding area on the font side of the sachet. This option carries additional costs and is available only to the partners that meet criteria related to the quantity of honey bought and the constant flow of orders. All other details regarding the PRIVATE LABEL options can be discussed, at any time, with one of our representatives. If interested, please get in touch with us!


Polyfloral honey - PET

PET 1.4 kg

HORECA honey in PET containers is a good solution for the HORECA locations featuring a BAR. The container has a special flip-top and dropper that makes the PET easy to use by the barman, even single-handedly and helps him pour the precise dosage of honey in each drink. HORECA honey is a 100% natural product that meets the quality standards of all BIO GETICA NATURALIS products. We chose to offer HORECA honey in this type of container due to its excellent price ratio/value for money. For quantities and price-related details, please contact us.


Polyfloral honey - bucket

Bucket 3.5 and 7 kg

HORECA honey contained in buckets of 3.5 and 7 kilograms is a practical solution for those HORECA establishments that use honey for different food dishes in the kitchen. The plastic container meets all the European quality standards. The competitive price makes this type of product a perfect partner for your every-day kitchen needs. For quantities and price-related details, please contact us.


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