BENDIS PREMIUM is the very best, top range honey when it comes to the types of honey available in Romania and abroad as well. BENDIS PREMIUM honey targets the customers that lead a premium lifestyle, to whom quality always comes first before any price issues. The products of this range have two basic features, which perfectly define this brand’s elitist personality.

1. ABSOLUTE PURITY.  BENDIS PREMIUM is a rigorously selected honey that bears the BIO GETICA NATURALIS guarantee which is that of a pure product upon which man has had no interference in any shape or form.

2. DISTINCTION. By means of its level of ultimate, full-fledged purity, BENDIS PREMIUM  honey is an extremely rare type of honey and we consider it a privilege to be able to offer you this type of honey. Thus the BIO GETICA NATURALIS team does not aim to achieve mass commercial success, as it has a selective approach, targeting segments of customers well informed and with an acquired taste. These are the customers that we hope can become loyal to our brand in time.

Bendis Premium Honeydew Honey

Is a very rare natural honey. Bees produce it from coniferous trees (pine, spruce, fir) or deciduous trees (maple, oak). Its dark brown color, with reddish hues is owed to its rich content in vitamins and minerals. The taste is different from that of floral, blossom honey, because the minerals tend to drown out the intense sweetness and help create the delicate sensation of a genuine premium natural product that few know how to truly appreciate/ meant for the true connoisseurs.

It is rich, organic Vitamin C component give it slight bittersweet traces, bringing out its natural therapeutic qualities, very beneficial to the immune system.

Light deteriorates the natural properties of honey, this is why we recommend that you keep the jar of honey in its original packaging throughout consumption.

The package design is specially created to protect its content from light.

The crystallization of this product is a natural process!

Although slower than that floral honey, the crystallization of this product is a natural process!

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The BENDIS PREMIUM honey is a very rare and exclusive type of honey. That is why the products of this range are of LIMITED STOCK/SUPPLY. BENDIS PREMIUM is available only in stores with products of PREMIUM quality. BIO GETICA NATURALIS reserves the right to select and credit the possible commercial establishments that can sell our products to the final consumer.


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