Who are we?

Founded in 2014, BIO GETICA NATURALIS is a relatively young company, forged around a „hive” of passionate, driven and very talented people in their line of work. We are very optimistic and confident about the quality of our services and products and that gives us the certainty that we can provide you, your clients and all parties involved with an ever-growing customer satisfaction when working with us on a constant basis. Our products, which consist of 100% natural honey, are not aimed to achieve mass-market commercial success, but are selectively distributed to certain segments of well-informed customers who, we hope, will become loyal to our brand in time. Our quality standards are rigorously implemented and the processing and packaging technology is modern and homologated.

What do we do?

Collecting authenticity

BIO GETICA NATURALIS has set out its main purpose to scope out/prospect the apiarian region of Romania and other regions abroad in order to identify the purest types of honey and also those of the highest quality. We are constantly searching honey producers that are passionate about their work and unconditionally dedicated to this product, a product which might seem easy to deal with at first, yet has such complexity and depth in every aspect of its production. We carefully select each honey producer, forging a partnership with those that, firstly and most importantly, comply with the following three criteria: passion, quality, authenticity. Even though we hold a high regard for all honey producers that strive to keep its natural properties unaltered, there are few that manage to tick all the boxes imposed by a partnership with us and the brands in our portfolio.

Controlling quality

We keep a constant and rigorous watch on the quality of the honey. Even if the honey suppliers we initially select meet all the qualitative standards demanded by a partnership with BIO GETICA NATURALIS, our in-house specialist closely monitors each batch of honey that is to be packaged and marketed. From the HORECA industry down to each and every final, private household customer, our clients’ satisfaction is the most important aspect of our company’s philosophy that is why it never comes in second in favor of financial aspects.

Offering excellence

BIO GETICA NATURALIS will market only 100% pure honey and our two household brands: BENDIS STANDARD and BENDIS PREMIUM, praised by our clients, stand proof. One of the basic beliefs within our company is that an excellent honey is that which has only been touched by the bees and the bees alone. The constant checking and re-checking, monitoring and filtering of our products is the way we make sure this belief is carried though. This is how we guarantee that “BIO GETICA NATURALIS honey is an excellent, authentic honey” is always a true statement.

Respecting European standards

The oval shaped identification stamp that is always there on our labels certifies the fact that the product was manufactured in an approved establishment in conformance with all the health, sanitary and veterinary European regulations in effect at present. Contrary to local honey manufacturers that are limited to national borders to distribute and market their honey, BIO GETICA NATURALIS meets the criteria required for health and veterinary reasons by the national legislation and also that required by the European Union, thus having the right to export honey or trade inside the EU borders.

Our clients

Bio Getica Team

Razvan Chicea

Honey Master

Lucia Barascu

Honey Keeper

Ionut Ispas

Honey Carrier


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